Thursday, January 26, 2012

Booking Through Thursday: Week 2

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly book blogging meme, that asks a question a week, mostly related to books and/or reading.  This weeks question is:

'What's more important: Good writing?  Or a good story?'

I think it depends.  There are certain books, that I just enjoy the story, no matter how bad the writing may be.  Those are the types of books that I call, "My Quick Reads".  Those are the books that take me only about a day or two to finish.  The books with the good writing, are those that I enjoy probably the most, with a nice cup of tea, the ones that make me think, and question the book itself.

I do love it when an author articulates a character or a plot with certain words though.  So I feel like the most important to me would have to be writing now that I think about it.  Though, like I said, I do enjoy quick reads once in a while!

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